Rejyna Douglass-Whitman: A Brief Bio
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Over the last two decades, Rejyna has been an integral creative force in high-profile film, music, video, photography, publishing, electronics and live events industries.  She is a multi-tasking, multi-talented creative team player who applies her fortitude, tenacity and aptitude to a broad range of pursuits.  A hunger for understanding each aspect of media and technology-based content creation has given Rejyna a solid grasp on the big picture, while imparting intuition at the specialist level. As a manager, Rejyna builds and guides with sincerity and accountability, growing strong teams that produce and excel.


Rejyna has an affinity for bringing the classics into the digital age, as well as creating fresh content for contemporary entertainment:  

* As Archival Specialist for
Deluxe Entertainment as part of the team restoring the entire DC Comics library from film negatives for repurposing in digital formats.

* As Director of Graphics and Print Production for Footlights Publishing.  Rejyna is responsible for producing the print and digital programs (playbills) for nearly every 99-seat community theatre in Southern California, she also contributes to the web and social media campaigns with post and ad copy creation, graphics, photos, video and music content.

* As Staff Manager, Department Coordinator and Digital Cinema Paint Artist for top-grossing cinematic works including Lowry Digital Images, DTS Digital Images and Reliance MediaWorks restored film releases from major clients including Lucasfilm (Star Wars Volumes 1-6, Indiana Jones Trilogy), MGM (James Bond Collectors Series), Disney (Animated Classics including Bambi, Lady & the Tramp, Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Jungle Book, Peter Pan), James Cameron, Fox, Paramount and other motion picture directors and studios.
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* Rejyna's recent work as a solo musical Composer, Lyricist and Performer (Voice, Guitar and Drums) can be seen on YouTube and heard on her audio releases, IDIO and Solo Sojourn Live.  Her musical work can also be heard on releases by the band Citadel.  Rejyna's music can be found on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify and many other music retailers.  You can sample some of her music on her SoundCloud and ReverbNation profiles.  

* Rejyna is also a pioneering innovator in the genre of live looping, creating full band performances as a soloist using loopers and special effects.  As an experienced as a performer and product manger, Rejyna has also been a beta-tester, clinician and product demonstrator for musical instrument retailers and manufacturers, including Inspired Instruments Digitech, YouRock Guitar, Yamaha, Roland.  Rejyna is an advisory board member for her family's music publishing company, she operates a home-based audio-video studio and performs regularly as a vocalist and guitarist in ensembles and as a soloist.  

* Rejyna has also served as 

Publishing Coordinator for Cherbo Publishing

Director of Digital Imaging, Website and Catalog Production for The Import Collection

Audio and Video Producer and Marketing Director for W.E./Citadel of Cynosure Productions

Electronics Production Manager/Buyer for Carrera Computers and Eaton Corporation.  

Architectural Draftsperson on new and renovated building plans for clients such as Wendy's, 7-11, Bob Evans, Arby's, and the working drawings for the VIP room renovation of the world-famous Troubadour in Hollywood.


Rejyna is proficient in all types of computer applications and is a quick study with proprietary software.  Her technical expertise and managerial ease comes from hands-on work experience, attending several colleges, seminars and specialty schools, and from years of business innovation and success as a ‘concept-to-final product’ visionairy.


Being an accomplished artist herself refines Rejyna's management skills and compliments her ability to motivate others. As a leader, Rejyna fosters creativity, resourcefulness and solidarity in the workplace as she builds trust through a reputation for solutions, improvements and quick turnarounds.


What others say about Rejyna...

Below are comments from Rejyna's past and present
 employers, employees, co-workers and business associates:

“Rejyna is a conscientious and focused imaging specialist. Our work involves detailed work on some of the world's most famous movies and it takes people with skills and dedication like Rejyna's to make these movies everything they can be after all of these years of aging. Rejyna is not only a solid artist herself, but also is very good at inspiring her coworkers to do their best.”
M. Inchalik, Vice President, Lowry Digital Images

“Rejyna has been the touch up coordinator at DDI for over a year, and has done a wonderful job in her role. She has implemented new processes and procedures, and helped to increase the productivity of the group.” J. Perkins, Network Operations Center Manager, DTS Digital Cinema

“Aside from her affable demeanor and extreme patience, Rejyna is also very effective at finishing any task given to her. Also, in addition to meeting time requirements, she also delivers a high-quality product. Rejyna is a pleasure to work with and would be a valuable asset to any company that hires her.”
A. Avila, Coordinator & Image Specialist, DTS Digital Images

“Working with Rejyna at Lowry Digital Images/DTS was thoroughly enjoyable. Despite tough deadlines and chaotic work schedules, Rejyna always managed to stay on top of her projects' priorities, was able to keep her team focused and driven towards their goals, and maintained a positive and enjoyable attitude through it all. While it has been some time since we worked together, Rejyna stands out, in my mind, as one of the Lowry/DTS team's most valuable assets.”
S. Middler, Project Director, DTS Digital Cinema

“Rejyna is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and confident about her work. Things seem to be running very smoothly under her management. She has sharp mind and she is always quick and eager to learn new technology.”
N. Nejadhashemi, Software Engineer, dts Digital Cinema

“Rejyna is the most desirable type of person one could want to work with. Not only does she understand what it takes to maintain an optimal production environment, she has the skills necessary to pull a team together with sensible solutions, no matter what obstacles may arise. Rejyna has a charisma rare in not only this industry, but on this planet. Her ability to focus on the company goals, produce outstanding quality, and to maintain the respect of everyone, no matter what their title or position attest to this.”
P. Almanza, Technique Specialist/Trainer, DTS-DI

“Reiyna is an extremely talented individual who does not shy away from a good challenge. She commands an in depth knowledge of her craft and outputs only the very best when a job is completed. Besides her ability to get the job done, she infects those around her with a like passion to give their very best. Conscientious of deadlines and yet dedicated to detail, Rejyna exhibits the very best attributes that one would want in a partner for a high profile project.”
J. Vreeman, Manager, Technical Services, DTS, Inc.

“During my employment at Lowry Digital, as CFO, I had the pleasure to knowing many of the employees including Rejyna. I found Rejyna to be dedicated and competent. Rejyna was knowledgeable in her duties and had a very good attitude, even though the work was not always easy. Because of the work done and the pressures of the jobs Lowry pursued, only the best employees Lowry could find were acceptable, and Rejyna was one who met the requirements. I would recommend Rejyna to anyone who has a need for the talents Rejyna brings to the table.”
B. Allen, CFO, Lowry Digital

“Rejyna is superb Manager. She is always available for help, questions, and feedback. She works always as a professional and makes work easier for those under her by inspiring them to work to their abilities and potential.”
B. Drastal, Touch Up Artist, Lowry Digital

“Rejyna shows outstanding leadership qualities, proving her ability to gauge peoples strengths and help them work towards improving areas that need it. Rejyna is down to Earth and shows respect at all times to her fellow employees. She is easily approachable and attentive to any task at hand. Rejyna helps make a somewhat stressful environment more relaxed by being real, and promotes company pride with her enthusiasm and positive attitude for the work she is a part of. She is a pleasure to work with and an asset to any company.”
B. Benaway, Digital Touch-Up Artist, Lowry Digital

“Rejyna is an amazing and wonderful manager! She was always pro-active in keeping the team together, promoting unity and fostering creativity all the while keeping the team on task and making the deadlines. She would help solve any number of issues and had the foresight to see possible issues in the future, and bring suggestions and solutions to the table. She is an asset to any team, and a great manager.”
T. Durant, Restoration Artist, DTS

“Rejyna's ability to think outside the box, her expertise with all things graphic, and her natural ability to organize made her indispensable to Cherbo Publishing Group. Any executive or entrepreneur looking for someone to create new pathways to his/her goals—or even to execute the old ways—will find Rejyna an excellent choice.”
T. Rubin, Senior Editor, Cherbo Publishing Group

“I was brought in to Carrera as an outside consultant to manage the company's operations and I recommended Rejyna hiring to tackle serious production issues. She rose to the occasion brilliantly. . A quick study, self-starter and nose-to-the grindstone work ethic. Kudos all around.”
S. Leonard, Owner, SSL Productions


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