Screenshots of FileMakerPro Database Designs 
by Rejyna Douglass

The database layout and functional designs, graphic elements, digital photos, and sounds are all the work of Rejyna.  These screenshots are provided for those who do not have FileMakerPro, and are only examples of a few of the database layouts created by Rejyna, if an entire database was on this site it would take too long to download.  Therefore, complete fully relational databases are only available on the CD or DVD Digital Portfolio Presentation by contacting

FileMakerPro is a non-proprietary, off-the-shelf FULLY relational database authoring program that is second to none!  Microsoft brought Access to market to compete with FMPro, although Access is more bulky and has a less instinctive user-interface.  Before programs like FileMakerPro and Access were available, companies wanting relational databases were burdened with investing thousands of dollars worth of programming, licensing, and follow up service fees.  FileMakerPro is ODBC compliant and can be active-linked to spreadsheets (i.e. Excel) or mainframe (i.e. AS400) data streams so the database can access info from an unlimited number of sources.  Multi-level password security, accuracy and complex scripting capabilities are highlights of FileMakerPro databases, as well as "Instant Web Publishing" to put your database on the web!  For more info on FileMakerPro, visit



Click the links at left to open a database design


The Screen Shot below shows the Welcome Screen for a FMPro Database Catalog designed by Rejyna.




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