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Video Production by Rejyna

Rejyna got her start in video production as a producer for Warner Qube, where she received her training to produce music, variety and informational shows for cable broadcast.  She later translated her analog skills into the digital realm by working for manufacturers of computer editing and rendering workstations used in several cutting-edge television and film releases.  Rejyna is active in videography on both professional and personal projects. 

A majority of Rejyna's professional camera, editing and related production work is done under proprietary and confidentiality contracts - meaning no 'demo' reel elements of these projects are available for online review. There are however, several YouTube videos that Rejyna has posted of her personal video work featuring sports, music and how-to videos. The links below will give you a sampling of what Rejyna does with a couple of consumer cameras, tripods and an editing computer:

Rejyna ran the tripod-mounted cameras and edited these sports 'highlights' videos:

District & Regional Matches | Soccer Highlights

Soccer Highlights | 6 Min. Reel

Soccer Highlights | Extended Reel


Rejyna created these motion graphics for web, DVD and slide presentations:

Logo Motion Graphics (HD)

Housing Fair Kiosk Presentation Long Form (HD)

Housing Fair Kiosk Presentation Short Form (HD)


Carrera Computers

Working with her daughter (who now holds a cinema degree), Rejyna shot and/or edited many of the scenes in these videos:

Tender Shepherd

Child Actress Demo Reel


Rejyna is also a regularly performing musician who videotapes her shows, often using tripods 
to achieve a 'DIY multi-camera' look - here are a few links to videos of her songs that she edited:

Rejyna Live at Comfest 2012: The Songwriter

In Wonder @ McConnell Arts Center

Using a Digitech JamMan Solo

Rejyna edited this demo reel for actor and comedian, S. Martin:
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