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Magazine Advertising, Direct Mail, Database & Catalog Production
Because of file size, this collection
 is posted in three parts

Part One -  9.5 MB
Part Two - 6.7 MB
Part Three - 4.9 MB
includes samples of:

  • Digital Photography of
    Gifts & Decorative Accessories

  • Computer Graphics & DTP for
    Magazine Advertising

  • Catalog Database Samples, etc.

Forms, Stationary & 
Business Printing
3.65 MB - includes samples of:

  • Sales Kits & Sales Sheets

  • Computer Graphics & DTP

  • Corporate Identity & Logo Use

  • Business Forms, Applications,

and In-House Printing, etc.

Guides, Manuals & 
Training Materials
1.61 MB - includes samples of:

  • User Guides & TOC's

  • Website Orientation

  • Price Lists, Order Guides

  • EULA's, Response Forms. etc.


Please understand that files over
1 MB will take longer to download than what you may prefer to wait.  You may contact rejyna@msn.com for a CD or DVD copy of her portfolio for offline viewing to avoid long download times, or a zipped version of the file(s) can be emailed to you directly.





















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The sub-headings at left will
open a specific Acrobat 
collection (DSL or Broadband
recommended) built by 
Rejyna for various employers  

The sub-headings at right
 are links to specific Acrobat
documents, most often
smaller & better suited
for dial-up users.

Documents & Presentations may contain clips and/or images with or without sound.  You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  If you have an internet connection, you may visit www.adobe.com for a FREE copy of the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

Acrobat  is primarily used for document portability and to "print" a virtual file from any program for use on websites, as email attachments or for previewing (preflight) also using Adobe Acrobat Distiller, and then delivering files for press and publication.  Acrobat also allows password protection of Acrobat pages so that you may post pages that you only want certain users to be able to access, such as wholesale pricing, surveys, corporate training or application forms, etc.

For example:  A database catalog created in FileMakerPro is printed to Acrobat pages.  The catalog covers, forms and instructions are created in Photoshop and/or Quark, then printed to Acrobat pages.  Press releases and related sales material may be scanned, photographed or created in Word and Excel and printed to Acrobat.  Now all of these Acrobat pages are combined into one file and can be sent to print as complete books, or onto a CD and sent to remote sales and marketing offices or shows for view and printing on PC or MAC - even though those users may not have FileMakerPro, Photoshop, Quark, Word, or Excel installed on their computer - viola, universal document portability!

This Acrobat section contains only a tiny "preview" fragment of Rejyna's work, more is available in other areas of this presentation  

Please continue viewing the rest of the presentations from the main menu to be sure you've seen it all!

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