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Digital Photography

Magazine Advertising & Publications
1.8 MB - :42 second clip
Digital Product Photography
1.7 MB - :40 second clip
Digital Construction Photography
1.3 MB - :31 second clip
People & Motor Machines Digital Pix
2.6 MB - :59 second clip
Performance & Event Digital Pix
1.9 MB - :46 second clip
Early Technology
Gifts & Artwares
Floral & Nature Scapes
Animal Friends
1.4 MB - 1:54 clip

Digital Contact Sheets
1.1 MB - :25 second clip
Digital Compositing
1.5 MB - 1:59 clip

Computer Graphics & DTP

Magazine Advertising & Publications
1.8 MB - :42 second clip
Magazine Article Layout (DTP)
678 KB - :19 second clip
Menu, Newsletter, Training & Marketing Materials
2.4 MB - :58 second clip
Sales & Mktg Presentation Collateral
3.5 MB - 1:32 clip

Photo to Greeting Postcard
1.4 MB - :30 second clip
Magazine Ad - Roughs to Finals
1.9 MB - :46 second clip
VHS Case - Comps To Final
1.3 MB - :36 second clip

Video Production

Kiosk Logo Tag - Carrera Computers
548 KB - :12 second clip
Process Documentation - SBC DSL
2.2 MB - 3:00 minute clip
Broadcast Logo Tag - DPP & RMD

1.7 MB - :38 second clip
Broadcast Logo Tag - Icon Sphere
1.1 MB - :25 second clip
Broadcast Show ID - VVTV
249 KB - :05 second clip
Theatre for VHS & DVD - Fiddler
1. MB - 1:20 clip
Creative Video - RMD Self Portrait
1.6 MB - :36 second clip
Movie Models, Text & Narration
1.2 MB - 1:30 clip

Full length Music Videos and Process Documentation films are available on DVD, CD or VHS Only

Hand & Table Work
Disc & Tape Graphics & Packaging
2.3 MB - :60 second clip
Graphite Portraits & Illustrations
964 KB - :23 second clip
Ink Illustrations & Reproductions
1.4 MB - :34 second clip
Logos & Corporate Identity
1.1 MB - :26 second clip
Architectural Plans & Renderings
Sites, Signs, Structures & Blueprints

2.3 MB - :55 second clip
Roughs to Comp to Finals

Click Below For Normal Quality MP3 Audio Clips, between 900 KB & 2.5 MB, with excellent sound quality:

Progressive Rock
Rejyna - Lead Electric, Acoustic 6 & 12-string,
Vocals, Sound F/X, Production - 2.1 MB
Acoustic Ballad
Rejyna - Lead Electric, Acoustic 6 & 12-string,
Vocals, Bass, Keys, Production - 920 KB
Contemporary Jazz
Rejyna - Lead Electric Guitar, Production - 990 KB
Top Forty Dance
Rejyna - Lead Electric Guitar, Production - 1.3 MB
Classic Rock
Rejyna - Lead Electric, Acoustic 6 & 12-string,
Vocals, Production - 1.6 MB
Hard Rock
Rejyna - Lead Electric Guitars, Vocals,
Sound F/X, Production - 1.7 MB
Screaming Rock Lead Guitars
Rejyna - Lead Electric, Acoustic 6 & 12-string,
Vocals, Production - 2.3 MB
Smooth Jazz
Rejyna - Lead Electric, Production - 2.0 MB
Concept Symphonic Rock
Rejyna - Lead Electric, Acoustic 6 & 12-string,
Vocals, Sound F/X, Production - 1.4 MB
Vocal Ballad
Rejyna - Acoustic 6 & 12-string,
Vocals, Bass, Production - 1.6 MB
Jazz Pop
Rejyna - Lead Electric, Production - 2.2 MB

The MP3 CLIPS below are under 1MB & are processed at 56KB (lo-quality) for fast downloading:

Hard Rock with Vocals
  - 302 KB
Soundtrack Instrumental  - 300 KB
3-piece Blues Rock  - 270 KB
Classical Rock with Vocals  - 330 KB

Real Player Clip(s):
Hard Rock with Vocals  - 1.8 MB

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Rejyna used Photoshop, Pinnacle, Première & Final Cut Pro to edit (NLE) digital & analog footage, film & digital stills, hand art & drawings & original music & voice-overs into portfolio shorts with DVD hi-resolution. 

The original 29.97 fps 720 x 480 .avi hi-res files were converted to .wmv (Windows Media) format for fastest downloads using a 56K dial-up end-user model, although Broadband or DSL will load much quicker.  Most of the clips included here are 320 x 240, at various frame rates and between 30 seconds and 3 minutes in duration, quick download time was given priority over clip quality.  Image size & clarity has been greatly compromised, and longer clips have slightly lower audio quality than shorter clips. 

You will need a recent version of Windows Media Player to view these clips from Rejyna's self-produced DVD portfolio.  Click here to Update My Windows Media Player for a link to the manufacturer's website for FREE downloading of the most recent versions.

Full length, full size, high quality clips, music videos, process documentation films, training and marketing videos, television trailers and commercials are available by requesting a DVD or CD portfolio at

Thank you for taking the time to check out Rejyna's work and don't forget to turn up the volume!

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Rejyna Audio: Musical Composition, Performance, Engineering & Production
All of the music accompanying the portfolio clips in the media file presentations herein were written & produced by Rejyna, who also sang & played guitar and/or bass and/or synthesizers & created or compiled foley, effects & voice-overs.  Most songs are A-A-D from 2" 24-track and 16-track masters, or 1" 8-track masters. 

Rejyna began her home studio with a TEAC A3340 4-track back in the late seventies and spent more than a few years at the Recording Workshop, tracking a new original every week in state-of-the-art studios. 

Besides the music samples that accompany
each Windows Media video clip, audio-only clips are also available at left in MP3 format for playback on your computer. Click the links if you have software installed on your computer that will play MP3 audio files, such as, 
Windows Media Player. Real Player, Quick Time, etc.

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the WordWorks section of this site.

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