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This (top) version as recently reworked in Photoshop (for alpha-channel overlay compatibility) as a signature
 for digital still and video editing services identification logo tags

Below is the original, designed in 1984 using MS Word (before Adobe or Quark was ported to the PC platform)
  The common script font, CÚzanne, was combined with the hard lines of the two squares.  The squares
could represent framed imagery, or could be a centering vortex contrasting the font's swash artistic
implications.  Simplicity, subtlety, and most importantly then was multi-use compatibility - i.e.
the ability to translate a consistent impression in various uses equally well in low-resolution and one
ink for fax machines, business printing, newspaper ads.  RMD is the initials for multimedia content
and techno-artist, Rejyna Marie Douglass