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ANIMATION: Shows how Rejyna's individual digital shots ( Polaroid PDC) are composited.  In Photoshop, Rejyna individually color corrects & enhances, creates alpha channels, places the items, and then creates a faux background with shadowing.  The CMYK final is used for CD & Print catalogs and the RGB version was used on the web & in email promotions.

WHY NOT SHOOT GROUP SHOTS?  Well, in this case, a manufacturer submitted samples for 24 different blue & white ceramic animals.  Each was photographed & then the 24 items were shipped to catch up with the road preview show.  After buyers could gauge which items garnered the most interest at the preview show, they contacted Rejyna at the HQ in-plant lab with four items that were chosen to sell as a set in the product line seasonal release.  For this reason, each sample that comes in is photographed individually right away, so that one-of-a-kinds can be previewed on the road, and subsequently, the "set" configurations can be determined later & revised indefinitely using alpha channel compositing.