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Rejyna edited her DVD portfolio presentation on a PC (NLE) using mostly Photoshop, TitleDeko, Pinnacle Studio, Hollywood F/X and their various plug-ins.  The title frames from some of the segments are shown below. 


Rejyna created the frames above using Photoshop & Pinnacle for her DVD Portfolio Presentation

 You can view media files, featuring these and other samples of Rejyna's work, from this site for Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or QuickTime, these links take you to a table of contents listing the clips available for that specific player.
Please keep in mind that the grabs are slightly smaller than their original 720w hi res & converted to limited color gifs, however, the ideas and concepts still present adequately for internet speed considerations.  
You can find out more about the DVD Digital Portfolio Presentation
 featuring Rejyna Douglass by clicking here

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