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Rejyna's writing skills are always in play;  from the massive collection of word work she created for this portfolio site, to a simple piece of correspondence, from complex sales campaigns, slogans, headlines, product blurbs, spec sheet technical data, manuals, catalogues & pitch scripts to gaming & rpg scripts.  With a consistent linguistic style & an artful eye for font specialization & layout, Rejyna composes copy from the subtle side to the flamboyant extreme.

Highlights of Rejyna's commercially applied word works are loosely collected here.  According to Rejyna, "the basic soul of art in business is text...the printed word is the true 'point of sale' for nearly every product or project that I have had a part in bringing to market.  Sometimes that 'word' is the company name, and is enough to be the POS hook...more often though, the key to introducing new products is the wording employed.  Consumers can use the crafted phraseology to match their curiosity with their budget and their requirements...a thesaurus and a really good dictionary, as basic as a drill and a saw, and as powerful..."

Rejyna adds, "As an adult, my influences became more and more obvious in the type of projects that I took on.  Whether or not I was brought on board for wordsmithing, I was always eventually one of those chosen to handle that aspect - maybe because I enjoy that challenge as much as any other.  As a consumer, I often find myself 'proud' of a fellow wordsmith when I encounter informative creativity in today's advertising and marketing campaigns.  I am one who knows how much work goes into the choice of words in the world of commerce."

"Once I got into the different types of businesses - be it architectural firms, print houses or publishing companies, record companies, cable television or consumer goods - wherever it is - I am passioned to turn a blank piece of paper into something that speaks to it's reader, or to turn a headline or caption into narrative craft that explains that glance of a subject world in a glimpsed sentence - even subliminally...  

I wrote a poem about the craft of wordsmithing that really covers it all as far as my point of reference on this type of talent.  "Winter's Dying" is posted to this site also, and it says a lot about the intent behind words we use...check that out too!"

Many of the works included herein are from conceptual or storyline-based releases.  Samples of those works are cross-referenced with links, at the bottom of each page, where applicable.

There are also text-based works that Rejyna completed for the products or services of other people & companies.  In some cases, there will be cross-relevant links at the bottom of those pages.

The content in this section of the portfolio site is subject to frequent revisions & as new material is posted, older postings may be removed.  Rejyna's work is available for purchase in various formats via email through this link:
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