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Click To See Three Click to see the Lyric Animation
Hi-Res Still Titles
 Created using Photoshop,
Pinnacle, TitleDeko & Première
Video Graphics: Lyrics
Frames created in Photoshop
 with alphas for use as "slides"
in music video
Click To Menus Up Close! Click for bigger ANIMATION Enlarged video graphics, just click here
DVD Menu Graphics
Created using Photoshop,
Pinnacle, TitleDeko & Première
for multi-layer chaptering
"How It's Done" Slides
Created in Photoshop for
 use as "slides" in Pinnacle
"How It's Done" segment
Instructional Grabs
Frames created in Photoshop
 for use as "slides" in Pinnacle
"How It's Done" segment
Titles Over Motion Images See the slides close-up!
Title Frame Grabs
Title frames created in Photoshop,
Pinnacle and/or TitleDeko,
presented here as frame grabs
5 page sub-gallery = 10-20 pix
Frame Backgrounds
Slides created in
Photoshop for use in
kiosk animations &
PowerPoint backgrounds,
& used as web buttons
Video Graphics
Screen grabs from the
video ID tags created as a 
digital animations in Pinnacle
Studio on a PC (NLE)

creative services
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